Autonomous Token Sale - Pliant Escrow - Democratic Dispute Handling

Discover why we Boomerang

In A Nutshell

Boomerang is a token that enables decentralized escrow for transactions, helping people in the world work together with confidence. It features a contract that has already been wrapped into a Java web app, enabling transaction persistence completely on the Ethereum network.

From lending your friend a bicycle to importing goods, trust can be achieved with the throw of a boomerang. If terms of an agreement are met, the boomerang comes back! If not, incentivised members of the Boomerang community arbitrate the dispute.

Initial Token Offering Powered By KOIN

THIS IS NOT A TOKEN! - World's first marketplace for new crypto issuances!

Our in-house Automated Tokensale Engine adds consistency, security, and efficiency to the token sale process.

- To date, no other ICO has taken up wallet adoption, just upload your wallet file.
- SHA-256 Encryption used for all client credentials.
- No longer do you need to create additional crypto wallets.
- Dynamic Ether exchange rates throughout tokensale.
- dApp server is an active node on the block chain.
- TokenSale Trialability on Ropsten Testnet.
- Ether placed in secure multi-sig wallet.
- Creates a new wallet file if none exists.
- Token recieved within 60 seconds.


Mark Wagner


dApp Architect using Python>Vyper

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Afshin Kargarmovakher


Solidity>web3j Developer

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Andrew Rudnev



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Conor Svensson

Key Contributor

Author of web3j library

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Jordan Salem


Full Stack

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Valued Partner

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