Why Local Marketing is eating the world

Dennis Yu, friend and founder of BlitzMetrics has spent the last 24 months focusing on local companies. Using powerful white label marketing and SEO tools like Vendasta, he has brought the best tools to Chiropractors, Dentists, Eye Doctors, Personal Injury Attorneys, Home Services, Senior Living Providers among other verticals.

“It starts with a solid lighthouse, a figurehead of an industry who has dominated in their space by using proven techniques. They lead others in their space to success by teaching our processes through a lens specific to their industry”, explained Dennis

What ties all the techniques together is the concept of personal branding and learn-do-teach. If you plan to coach people to start a digital agency or market Dentistry, you need to have done so yourself.

The Topic Wheel is a brainstorming tool for mapping out your network and the ways you add value through skills and connections.

The 3×3 is a template for making one-minute videos that will get the point across, show what you believe in and be digestible for many mobile audiences.

Ads are actually the last part. Marketing in 2021 is 90% creative 10% analytics, thanks to the sophisticated algorithms like edge rank.

The system works so well, that I launced my own agency for Senior Care called SeniorScorecard, which uses web software to reveal the gaps in a local companys marketing. Filling those gaps gives you a higher score which leads to more high-quality leads.

Marketing will always be a changing game, but local is where 90% of the dollars are spent, and that will not change for service providers.