Software Projects

This Page is a directory of web application prototypes that are currently in progress. Clicking a link will direct you to a different annex of the site.

Upromise – Your Every Day Escrow Bonding Service

Ihyre – Classifieds and Recruiting made Personal with multimedia

HomeShake – A covenant “handshake” among unrelated members in a home or asset-buying arrangement which streamlines the process for Single earners to responsibly purchase a property together

Ahead-Hunter – A Human Resouce marketplace of professionally interviewed candidates categorized by vertical, where you can watch their interview with us before hiring or without conducting your own


We wrote it – you use it – the first ever white label ERC20 token-sale platform is here!

We have built a highly versatile token exchanger as a JSP with web3j so that you can have an app based, automated token sale instead of a lazy destination address on some lookalike bootstrap page.

Spend a few thousand now so you can start your multi-million dollar ICO – Implementation included!

More on Initial Offering for related token here.