How to hack a macbook (and why they are not secure)

If you have a pre-M1 mac and care about security, throw your computer in the trash right now. Here is why…

If you physically have someones locked macbook air/pro and five minutes alone, you can change the admin password and have access to all of their data (while they are now locked out)

Instructions here but i will summarize:

Change the password in single user mode

  1. Hold +S on startup
  2. mount -uw / (fsck -fy is not needed)
  3. launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ (or /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ in 10.6)
  4. dscl . passwd /Users/username (without a trailing slash) and enter a new password. You can ignore the error about
  5. reboot

You can then attach your iPhones ‘findmy’ app to the macbook you stole and lock them out or track their location FOREVER.

The best part? They can never remove your presence, even with the help of apple. So the only way to get out of this is to smash it with a hammer and buy a new mac.

Now I have hacked a few windows and linux machines in the past but never was it this easy or permanent. Apple gives you the tools to permanently ruin their ability to enjoy their device and not even apple support can see their entire email.

In my case, the guy who got me was an airbnb guest who had 45 minutes alone with my machine. His name is Matthew Tebbens and his email is c*** according to apple. He also has warrants out for stealing a $7,000 camera and 200k in fraud but in a mental episode, he came clean and admitted to hacking my mac. I knew his system worked because I used the same (above) system to regain access but I cannot remove his findmy presence so I must throw away the machine.

Fortunately, the M1 Chips are not hackable in this way, however I am sure Apple will find another way to make them suck or become prematurely un-useable.

So hence, if you care about not letting someone change your admin password by pressing 4 buttons, you should only buy an M1 mac and disable findmy.


How Google Steals Billions From Ads Customers (& why you should be terrified to use them)

If you’ve run many ad campaigns on Google in the past, you will know about a thing called Adsense. Adsense places your content on various kosher properties on the internet who have opted in to receive a small payout every time someone views or clicks an ad. It has been around for decades and is one of Google’s oldest and biggest money makers. Google also has other products: Search Ads, Gmail Ads, Local Ads, Youtube Ads, and more.

Since I didn’t have a fortune 500 budget and wanted my targeting specific, my plan was to advertise my e-course on Airbnb (airbnb10k) arbitrage to the specific audience of a Youtube channel based on airbnb. I set it up and looked away for 2 weeks with $20/day of ad spend put towards a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) budget.

When I went back to check on the performance because I hadn’t made any sales, I was horrified to see ZERO views on the channel I chose but $357 spent on worthless ads. In fact, this number would have been much greater if my credit card had not been expired.

Little did I know, google automatically enrolls your Youtube or other ads in Adsense as well and starts to burn through your ad spend placing your ads on any sites that it possibly can, showing your carefully crafted video targeting entrepreneurs to teenagers in random countries playing free video games.

And do they tell you about this? Of course not!
Carefully hidden in your placements menu, you can see the terrible and ineffective placements Google Ads has intentionally tricked you into purchasing, in my case at a CPM of as much as $32.00!

When I dug deeper and looked at the sited, I realized what a racket was happening. Here are just a few examples of sites blatantly created just to farm a more-than-complicit Adsense campaign.

Some of these sites have somehow been getting views and worthless clicks but are not even up due to a server error. This is just blatant fraud now.

So I went to Google support thinking “Their goal is to make me a better customer by making the entire marketing experience more seamless for all parties.. not to make money off of obvious scam sites. Support will help me out when I point out that I did not ask for Adsense or authorize spend on it! Right?”

NOPE! This is all part of their strategy to dupe you. Here is the response from support:

When a dishonest company has as much unchecked power as Google, bad things begin to happen to their users and customers simply because a monopoly can respond with middle finger to complaints. It is no surprise to me now why in 2018, google removed the “Don’t be evil.” clause from its code of conduct.

Thanks to the incredible amount of money taken with this scheme and the massive pool of victims, this would appear to be a red letter day for a class action firm, and I certainly hope one does soon.

Fintech Lifestyle

El PuertoGringo

Experience-based advice on navigating the island of riches

You have landed in San Juan, with a suitcase (okay, BlockWallet) full of money. You smell the opportunity in the humid air entering through the doors. Scenic houses, perfect beaches and exotic people from all over. A 6 month vacation, financially justified by the dramatic savings in federal income tax.

Mountains and warm beaches in the New York time zone? Unheard of.

But wait… do you know how where to find that property, or a realtor competent enough to sell it to you? Do you know where to get a car? Can you feed yourself? If this is your first time at SJU, chances are you won’t be getting out of the airport without some knowhow and a PCR test.

Guess what:

You cannot buy ANY food after 8pm (9 in San Juan), the rental car outlets have week stretches without a single available vehicle, realtors exist only for the seller, Zillow information is worthless, and spoiler alert, that bribery thing that got you by in Mexico won’t work here. Oh and keep your mask handy because they have a stronger than expected stigma about that.

None of these things stopped me from falling in love with the California-ish west coast including Rincon, the New Orleans-ish southern coastal city of Ponce (pronounced pon-si), the beautiful and untouched mountains near Utado, or the up-and-coming east coast from San Juan to Luquillo to Las Palmas. YES, there is more here than Dorado! It is basically a micro-mainland in terms of locale-culture.


Lets cover a few quick things:

For real estate, follow Diane Cohn. Her article is 7 years old as of this writing but is still right on. Things do not change quickly in the tropics.

For taxation, make sure you know what you stand to gain by making the move. You will need to spend 5 months and 1 day on-island, and a maximum of 1 additional month internationally, plus buy a property within 2 years to take advantage of ACT-22.

In my case, any capital gains would now be taxed at a total-tax rate of 4% and income would be taxed at a new total-tax rate of 14%. Not bad! But again, unless you are a very stealthy sailor, you will be on that island for a minimum of 5 months kicking it with Jake Paul, Joel Comm and the other self-exiled millionaires.

Every day is a Luquillo Saturday for Joel and Travis, co-hosts of BadCrypto

Where are things going?

My guess is that tourist attractions and entertainment will develop in the mountains and cities like Ponce. Many people will want entertainment and supply will rise to meet the occasion.

Real estate will become more scarce as there isn’t any construction happening right now.

Then again, the potential for PR to become a state in a few years does put a pivot risk on the tax situation, so be ever agile and let your life plans never be so concrete as an island casa.

More coming soon!


Why Local Marketing is eating the world

Dennis Yu, friend and founder of BlitzMetrics has spent the last 24 months focusing on local companies. Using powerful white label marketing and SEO tools like Vendasta, he has brought the best tools to Chiropractors, Dentists, Eye Doctors, Personal Injury Attorneys, Home Services, Senior Living Providers among other verticals.

“It starts with a solid lighthouse, a figurehead of an industry who has dominated in their space by using proven techniques. They lead others in their space to success by teaching our processes through a lens specific to their industry”, explained Dennis

What ties all the techniques together is the concept of personal branding and learn-do-teach. If you plan to coach people to start a digital agency or market Dentistry, you need to have done so yourself.

The Topic Wheel is a brainstorming tool for mapping out your network and the ways you add value through skills and connections.

The 3×3 is a template for making one-minute videos that will get the point across, show what you believe in and be digestible for many mobile audiences.

Ads are actually the last part. Marketing in 2021 is 90% creative 10% analytics, thanks to the sophisticated algorithms like edge rank.

The system works so well, that I launced my own agency for Senior Care called SeniorScorecard, which uses web software to reveal the gaps in a local companys marketing. Filling those gaps gives you a higher score which leads to more high-quality leads.

Marketing will always be a changing game, but local is where 90% of the dollars are spent, and that will not change for service providers.

Marketing Software

How to Communicate and Moderate on Clubhouse

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 11.50.18 AM

Clubhouse is the new “chat” room, that much is established by its rapid popularization by a user-base that sometimes is even featured as the logo of the app.

It is also a powerful tool for networking, learning and business.

In order to leverage the benefits of clubhouse, there are a few key things you need to bring to your room:

  • Your Network — The biggest rooms are led by those with the biggest existing network.
  • A Topic — For out-of-network follows, pick an interesting topic and name.
  • Communication Skills — You must know how to speak quickly and clearly.
  • Good Moderation — The moderator keeps the room alive, and is essential in preventing chaos.


Unlike in a real life scenario, the others in your conversation cannot see your body language, so you must put extra emphasis into clarity.

Also unlike a typical conversation, a successful clubhouse room has 90%+ audience and 10%- quality speakers. This means that you need to make absolutely sure that what you say is of relevance to the audience.

Remember your principles:

No “umms, and ahhs”, stick to the point, and if something is not relevant, leave it out!


The moderator needs to be highly aware of the conversation and keep the topic to the room subject. People joined the room to hear about THAT topic, so unless many hands are being raised, they probably want to stay there and hear more about it.

Sometimes a guest will go off on a long tangent when given the stage and this must be curtailed swiftly but politely. It can be challenging to grasp the microphone away from overly confident speakers who have boguarded the stage. Even if carefully letting down the speaker, you can end up in a conflict, such a what happened to Dennis Yu last month when he tried to remove a speaker. (Grizzly details in link)

So with this in mind, get on clubhouse to community build. Use it to both listen and teach.

Go forth and build your clubhouse empire!

Oh and follow me on clubhouse @skiwheelr



What Ethereum Contract will you write?

Migrating Solidity files on Truffle is difficult without knowledge of Java but it is possible.

Ethereum code is all hexidecimal so to write contracts within the Eth framework, one must use a compiler language, one such called solidity, a language similar to Java.

To be continued.


Back in New Orleans to finish off the year.

After a trip that took us from NOLA to Austin to Denver to Santa Barbara to San Diego to Slab City on the Salton Sea to Phoenix to Carlsbad to San Antonio and back to NOLA (all while towing a boat), we are ready to enjoy some square footage. Photos to come.


Of choices of go to doomsday securities, gold is short sighted.

During the election, the ASX and Nikkei dropped (particularly in exporting firm shares) as Trump’s victory came closer, but the post election trading is even more interesting. Gold prices following the 2016 presidential election dropped, meanwhile the DIA has been actively climbing, also firearm producers took a dive and private prisons (CMX)  are up 6%. Meanwhile, Cleartrade housing commodity futures still have no volume and certain side-market marijuana stocks are stalling, such as VAPE.

Also, @JoshHealey tells me trade kings is doing a special on commissions for any new buyers so look for that.

That is all!